Issue 2 


Art Works

Emma Ismawi - Alone not lonely

Manasa Thimmiya - Hers

Samin Enam - Tea and me

Dilsah De Rham - Inner child self-care

Shan Primrose - Surrealismo

Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad - Daily Bagatelles



Clarissa Zhong - Edge of our Seat

Cainne - My Body // My Love

Loma Cuevas-Hewitt - Moths on Fire 

Tasha Gacutan - The Roof Holds a Different Kind of Solitude

Cherry Zheng - Iso Guru at the Bottom of the Ocean

Zahra Amiruddin (photo poem) - Far-away Beds

Pushpanjali Kumari - Breakfast for Two

Chelsea Rozario - Lonesome Love 

Indrani Perera - Shelter 

Kanika Chopra - Where do you live in your body?

Anisha Pillarisetty - Distance is the Sound of a
Tinny Speaker Six Years Ago